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Star Fall Pin

Star Fall Pin
Star Fall Pin
Star Fall Pin
Star Fall Pin
Star Fall Pin
Star Fall Pin
Star Fall Pin
Star Fall Pin
Star Fall Pin
Star Fall Pin
Product image 1Star Fall Pin
Product image 2Star Fall Pin
Product image 3Star Fall Pin
Product image 4Star Fall Pin
Product image 5Star Fall Pin
Product image 6Star Fall Pin
Product image 7Star Fall Pin
Product image 8Star Fall Pin
Product image 9Star Fall Pin
Product image 10Star Fall Pin

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This star fall pin is a nod to shooting stars and long exposure space and sky photography. Set in a gorgeous new anodized duochrome metal, each pin is unique in its coloring, no two pin will be the same. This star fall pin features a beautiful cloud and ocean design with a spiral of stars across the top and horizon. With flashes of metallic purple, pink, blue, green, orange and yellow this soft enamel pin is 1" round and features a stunning duochrome anodized plating with a rainbow-like effect.

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the nature of the anodized metal finish, these star fall duochrome pins will vary in color from pin to pin and feature gradients of different colors. Some pins have more oranges and yellow, others more blues and others still have more purple or green. No two pin is colored exactly the same. Take a look at all the photos and check out the different possible variations.


This star fall pin is a 1″ piece set on an anodized-plated metal featuring my original illustration of a long exposure scene with shooting stars, clouds and the horizon of the sea. This enamel pin is set in light purple hues with pink and blue accents set on the stunning rainbow-like anodized metal effect. The metallic accents will vary in color and each pin is unique in coloring. You may receive a pin that has more orange, blue, purple, yellow, green or pink than the ones featured in the listing photos. This beautiful pin would love to accompany you on your shirt lapel, bag, scarf, wallet, hat or wherever you can affix a pin and it'll stay put no matter where you travel.

This soft enamel pin is set on a high-polish anodized metal. It features one post on the back.


I ship my pins with custom colored pin backs by default. If you would like a locking (deluxe) metal pin back, please choose the Locking Pin Back option when you go to add the pin to your cart. All metal pin backs come in a color matching the base metal of the pin.


- Highly polished duochrome anodized metal.
- Due to the nature of the duochrome anodized metal, these pins will vary in color.
- Your pin may feature any of these colors: blue, purple, orange, yellow, green, pink.
- 1″ soft enamel pin.
- Has one post on the back.
- Features blue hues and a stripe of purple on rainbow-like metal in the soft enamel areas.
- The star fall illustration is based on my original artwork.
- Stamped with "Alum & Ink" on the back.
- Comes mounted on a backing card and packed in a bag for protection.
- Photography props and backdrops not included.


Orders are mailed out in 1-3 business days, Monday through Friday. I ship using USPS First Class with included tracking code (if you live outside of the US, your tracking code may not be as accurate once your parcel leaves the US). Your pin is personally inspected by me from the finish to the locking clutch, which is also tested. I then hand-polished your pin before it is placed onto a sturdy backing card, secured, then slipped into a protective bag and sealed.

Items usually arrive within 1-2 weeks in the United States. International orders may arrive in 2-4 weeks. Tracking codes may not be updated in real time once they leave the United States.

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