About Alum and Ink

Alum and Ink is a little online creative store that sells cute original artwork in the form of prints, postcards, stickers, buttons, enamel pins, charms, patches and more based on original artwork by Khanh Mai. Taking inspiration from nature, dreams, personal experiences, mythology and nostalgia.

The shop name is an homage to childhood dogs, particularly the owner’s two childhood dogs with the same names. Alum and Ink were both were well-loved mutts who lived as free-spirits and spent their puppy and dog days romping about in the woods and farm.

Alum & Ink also has a presence on Etsy. Check out the storefront there: Alum & Ink on Etsy

About the Designer

Khanh is a User Interface/User Experience Designer. She’s also done Graphic Design, Print Design and Corporate Branding for businesses large and small in a wide array of industries including non-profits, the energy sector and education. Khanh loves talking about adorable animals, baking, gaming, reading, stationery, collecting rocks and gems and her unhealthy obsession with gold foil. She enjoys drawing, making terrible jokes, watercolors, embroidery, knitting, sewing, and at one point in time, she even wrote reviews about perfume in a little known corner of the internet.

Alum and Ink features her original artwork and concepts and she finds writing about herself in the third person really weird.