Space Crafters

The Space Crafters have
arrived! Available as pins,
stickers or needle minders.

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Space Ice Cream

The latest member of

the Cosmic Buffet is here!

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Beluga Whales

This month's whales are

the Beluga whales!

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Mini Leaves

New mini leaves board filler pins are now available!

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Sphinx Feathers

Sphinx Feather pins

are now available!

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All our favorite goodies in store!

Enamel Pins

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Washi and Clear Tape

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Latest Pin Releases

The newest enamel pin releases

Space Crafter Enamel Pin
  • From $11.00

Sold out

Gogo the Frog Leaf Umbrella Enamel Pin
  • From $11.00
Space Ice Cream Cone Enamel Pin
  • From $11.00
Mountain Sky Beluga Whales Enamel Pin Set
  • From $20.00
Red Fox Usurper Enamel Pin
  • From $11.00
Plain Tiger Butterfly (Danaus chrysippus) Enamel Pin
  • From $11.00

Featured: Mysticeti + Odonticeti

Once a month a new pin is added to the Mysticeti + Odonticeti collection. Eventually, every major species will be featured.

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Latest Stationery + Accessories

The newest products in accessories and stationery

Space Crafter Needle Minder
  • $11.00
Starry Cityscape Sticky Notepad
  • $5.00
Starry Cityscape Dotted Grid Notepad
  • $10.00
Cosmic Otter Clear Vinyl Sticker
  • $4.00
Cosmic Hawk Clear Vinyl Sticker
  • $4.00
Space Crafter Clear Vinyl Sticker
  • $4.00

Charms + Keychains

A collection of cute and whimsical charms and keychains to brighten up your day.

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Featured + Favorites

Some favorite pins and things.

Starry Narwhal (Star Wanderer) Pin
  • From $11.00
Moon Rise Enamel Pin
  • From $12.00

Sold out

Whale King Enamel Pin (North Seas)
  • From $16.00

Sold out

Planisphere Star Chart (Blue and Gold) Enamel Pin
  • From $26.00
Cosmic Jam Enamel Pin
  • From $11.00

Sold out

Astrolabe Star Navigator Gold Pin
  • From $34.00

From the Blog

Extra information about pins and other products.

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