Wholesale and Stockists


Some of my designs are available for wholesale for brick and mortar or physical store stockists. Before we do a wholesale agreement, I need to know a little bit about your business first. Typically this is just information about what products you sell, where your store is located and if your store has a social media page or website I can look at.

Some pins and products may not be available for wholesale due to the processes involved in or cost of producing them. The following are a list of restrictions for wholesale orders:

  • I do not wholesale to online stores and ask stockists not to sell my products in their online storefronts (some exemptions are granted).
  • Wholesale orders must pay the shipping for the purchase.
  • I may be forced to reject wholesale requests if my stock is low on a pin.
  • Pins created in collaboration with another artist are not available for wholesale.
  • Some pins with special embellishments such as gemstones are not available for wholesale due to the cost of producing them.
  • Items should sell for the same retail price or more.
  • Some recently launched pins may not be available for wholesale until four months after their release date.
  • I do not wholesale pins that are sold as a set due to the cost of producing them.

Please check the shop exclusive products list below for some additional restrictions.

Shop Exclusive Products

The following products are shop exclusives and will not be available for wholesale. This may be because of production costs, unavailability of mass production capabilities, counterfeiting issues, exclusivity agreements, or unique item features...

  • All duochrome (rainbow metal) pins
  • All charms or keychains
  • Big Blue Whale (Celestial Hemispheres)
  • Fin Whale (Cetus Constellation)
  • Pins with danglers (ex. Koi Lantern)
  • Whale King (North Seas)
  • Whale Queen (South Seas)
  • Multi-plated pins (ex. Astrolabes and Planispheres)
  • All embroidered pins
  • All collaboration items
  • All products on the Discontinued page
  • All Oopsies pins (ex. Navy Minke Whale)

All other products may be available for wholesale depending upon stock availability.


When selling my pins, I ask that the following be observed...

  • All my pins are shipped mounted on their backing cards and must be sold on their backing cards.
  • No attempts should be made by the stockist to alter the pin face, design, post, metal or backstamp.
  • If the stockist is selling a patch or sticker, no attempts should be made to alter the face or back of the sticker or patch.
  • If the stockist is selling a print, no attempts should be made to alter the artwork in any way.
  • Stockists are not permitted to scan, trace or otherwise reproduce the artwork of any of the items.
  • Modifications to the backing card or sleeve to add hang hooks, placing it in a bag for retail, placing a pricing sticker on the backing card or sleeve, etc. is OK.
  • I do my best to inspect the pins in wholesale orders with the same level of scrutiny as the pins I sell in my own storefronts to ensure they meet A grade (standard grade) quality.

Contacting Me About Wholesale

I do not wholesale to individuals or groups for personal use. You must own and operate a physical store, run a monthly subscription box service or operate physical booth in order to qualify for the wholesale program.

If you'd like to contact me regarding wholesale, please send me a message and tell me a little bit about your business, its name, any social media or website you may run for it, what kinds of items it sells, where it's located etc. You can get in touch with me via my Contact Form.

At this time, I am only accepting wholesale partnerships from USA retailers and a few other countries. Due to the size, weight and amount of items within a wholesale order, free shipping is not available.

Pin Back Options

Pins are sold with color rubber PVC clutches unless you specify otherwise. Locking back clutches can be shipped with my pins but may come at an additional charge.

Lead Times

Sometimes I require a bit of lead time to produce the amount of units needed for a wholesale order. Unless I have enough units of a product on hand, I will need anywhere from 20-55 business days to produce the items. More complex items may need additional time to be produced. Large orders may also need more time to be produced.

There is a production pause of 3 weeks that occurs at the beginning of every year that may cause some delays in fulfilling wholesale orders. Please keep this in mind when planning out your stock.


The following is a list of stockists or places where you can find Alum & Ink products.

Alum and Ink Store - alumandink.com*

Alum and Ink Etsy Shop - alumandink.etsy.com*


Bohindie Stream Box - bohindiestream.com

Brat Box - bratbox.co

Enchantment Box - enchantmentbox.com

FLAIR Chicago - 3415 W. Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL

Frostbeard Studio Lit Box - frostbeardstudio.com

Gallery 1988 - 7308 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Heady HQ - Cascadia, Oregon

Kinokuniya Bookstore USA - 123 Astronaut Ellison S. Onizuka St, Los Angeles, CA

Mox Boarding House - 5105 Leary Ave NW, Seattle, WA

Novelette Booksellers - 1101 Chapel Avenue Suite 108, Nashville, TN

Phoenix Crate - phoenixcrate.com

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History - 10th St & Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC

Table Top Candle Company - tabletopcandlecompany.com

Three Wishes - 317 E. Main St, Streator, IL

Zizi and Me - San Francisco, California

If you've found my pins for sale on any site (especially AliExpress, Depop, DHGate, Wish or Amazon) not listed above, please let me know using my Contact Form.