Hurricane Ian, Possible Slight Delays

Looks like the forecast track is having Hurricane Ian visit my area starting Wednesday night and into early Friday. The power grid in my area is not very robust. It has a tendency to blink out on pleasant days. I often joke that my power might get knocked out from a squirrel breathing on a power line with its nutty breath 😂, haha!

So that means that I may be without power from Wednesday night into the weekend. Hopefully it won't be that long! I'm basing estimates on the last major hurricane that hit my area that knocked out my power for around 72 hours. So order processing may be behind by around 3-5 days. However, I have battery backups and will be able to process some orders. And so long as even one of the two USPS locations near me is open, I will be able to get orders out like normal.

Some things that I cannot do if I don't have power is complicated edits or modifications to orders. The following services cannot be done if my power is out...

  • Editing orders to add or remove items
  • Invoicing for added items to orders
  • Combining orders, especially across both my shops
  • Partial order refunds
  • Order recalls

I'll try my best to minimize the impact on order processing otherwise. I'm hoping this storm doesn't cause any problems for anyone! Stay safe! ❤️

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