Sakura Flower Needle Minder (SECONDS)

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A seconds needle minder is one with defects or flaws that disqualify it from being a standard grade. Some of the defects of a seconds pin may include...

- Minor enamel underfill or overfill.
- Minor defects to metal plating on the sides and back of the pin
- Some noticeable pitting or scratches on enamel surface
- Some dust or lint in the enamel fill.
- Some missing metal lines.
- Some areas of low glitter.

Please note that all of these seconds units have flaws, some are more noticeable than others and you will receive a randomly selected one from the stock. There are a limited number of seconds units so it is first come, first serve. Needle Minders can be shipped with or without a magnet included.

NOTE: Neodymium magnets are very strong, are a choking hazard, pinch hazard and may affect nearby electronics. Keep away from children, pets, sensitive medical devices and electronics.


This beautiful Sakura Flower Cherry Blossom Floral Needle Minder features a delicate pink cherry blossom with its iconic and cute petal shape and adorable pink coloring. This needle minder is an excellent way to keep your needles safe and sound and in one place by hanging out on your current project. This hard enamel needle minder is 1.25", gold plated, and features a palette of medium pink with light pink screen printing. Needle Minders can be shipped with or without a magnet included.

To use: place the design side of the needle minder face up on your project, then place the magnet on the back of your project. Your needles will stick to the pretty side of your needle minder and stay safe.


- Highly polished gold-plated metal.
- 1.25″ hard enamel pin.
- Needle Minders can be shipped with or without a magnet included.
- Features medium pink enamel with light pink screen printing.
- The Sakura Flower illustration is based on my original artwork.
- This needle minder is twice the thickness of most of my other needle minders.
- Stamped with “Alum & Ink” on the back.
- Comes mounted on a backing card and packed in a bag for protection.
- Photography props and backdrops not included.

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