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Pale Lilac Rubber Pin Backs (Pack of 20)

Pale Lilac Rubber Pin Backs (Pack of 20)

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These beautiful pale lilac rubber pin backs come in a pack of 20. They are a custom color made for Alum & Ink. These pin backs are good for those who enjoy displaying their pins or wear their pins on an article of clothing that does not get jostled a lot.

  • Pale Lilac Purple colored rubber pin backs
  • Come as a pack of 20
  • Color was custom made for Alum & Ink
  • Used to hold your pins in place
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Made from PVC rubber
  • Packaged together in a small zip bag


NOTE: We are not responsible for the improper use of pin backs resulting in damage or loss of a pin. Rubber pin backs are not as good at securing your pins in place as locking pin backs. Please be aware that rubber pin backs may fail if used to secure a pin to a surface that experiences frequent jostling or rough handling.

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