Moon Laptop Hinged Enamel Pin

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This beautiful moon laptop hinged enamel pin is an homage to the colors of the 90s, computing, space and the moon. This laptop pin is hard enamel and set on a highly polished gold plated metal. There is a hinge that holds the top and bottom of the laptop together allowing you to open and close the lid of the laptop. It also features two tiny magnets that help keep the lid closed during display or wear. This pin features my original artwork of my Moon Rise scene along with a fantasy desktop theme. This pin has two posts on the back.

NOTE: Due to the large areas of metal on this pin, some minor scuffing and surface scratches may be present.


- Polished gold-plated metal.
- 1.5″x1.25" when folded.
- 1.5"x2.25" when unfolded.
- Hard enamel pin.
- Has two plates and a hinge to allow opening and closing of the pin.
- Features two tiny magnets that help keep the lid of the pin closed.
- Has two posts on the back to secure the pin and prevent rotation during wear.
- Features a pink color palette set on gold plated metal.
- The moon laptop and Moon Rise illustration is based on my original artwork.
- Stamped with "Alum & Ink" on the back.
- Comes mounted on a backing card and packed in a protective bag for protection.
- Photography props and backdrops not included.

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