Mira (Space Whales) Patterned Hair Tie

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This beautiful Pastel Space Humpback Whales elastic satin hair tie is the perfect accessory for your hairstyle and for keeping your hair out of the way during the day stylishly and snag-free. These hair ties can also be worn on your wrist too. It features a smooth and shiny satin polyester weave with an inner elastic that helps it hold in place. This hair tie features my original artwork of my character, Mira the space whale in various shades of pastel and other colors as she swims among the stars.

The Name: The nickname for this hair tie is, "Mira". Mira is the name of my space whale character, and is also the name of a star in the Cetus Constellation.

Cetus is referred to as the "sea monster" in Greek Mythology, especially in the myth of Andromeda. In more modern times, the Cetus Constellation may be referred to as "the whale". Within this beautiful constellation is a red-giant star called Mira. Mira, as a name, carries many meanings including peaceful, admirable, destiny, ocean and more.


- Outer shell is made of 100% polyester material.
- Has an elastic inside that can be looped around up to four times.
- Machine washable and dryable. Hand washing recommended.
- Wash with like colors.
- Nicknamed, "Mira".
- The space humpback whales pattern is based on my original artwork.
- Do not use bleach when cleaning.
- Photography props and backdrops not included.

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