Lunar Ascension Pin (Seconds)

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A seconds pin is one with defects or flaws that disqualifies it from being a standard grade. Some of the defects may include...

- Discoloration on enamel 
- Discoloration on metal 
- Dull or unpolished enamel or metal 
- Under-filled enamel 
- Enamel staining on metal 
- Large scratches on enamel 
- Inaccurate artwork 
- Small areas of missing enamel 
- Missing metal lines 
- Overfilled enamel covering metal lines 
- Incorrectly filled color areas
- Lint and dust on soft enamel
- Scratches and small gouges on soft enamel

Please note that all of these seconds pins have flaws, some are more noticeable than others and you will receive a randomly selected one from the stock. There are a limited number of seconds pins so it is first come, first serve! Seconds pins will be shipped with standard black rubber PVC pin backs and in a glassine bag.


This Lunar Ascension duochrome enamel pin is dedicated to the rising of the moon after dark. Set with a pastel pink and purple color scheme, this pin features a dreamy landscape featuring a misty mountain setting with falling stars, an aurora and the rising moon. This soft enamel pin is 1" round, has one post on the back and features a stunning duochrome anodized plating with a rainbow-like effect.

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