Koi and Water Lilies Gold Foil Washi Tape

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This is a beautiful Japanese style washi tape perfect for scrapbooking, journaling, wrapping gifts and decorating featuring my original artwork pattern of three gold foil kois and water lilies. This washi tape features my original pattern of kois and water lilies on a light blue base and dotted with delicate spots of shimmery gold foil. The tape is 0.5" in width and is a total of 32ft in length per roll. This tape is made from rice paper and is water resistant, acid-free and easily re-positioned without damaging most surfaces.


- 32ft of tape per roll.
- 0.5" in width.
- Made of rice paper with a thin rubber coating for water resistance.
- Features my original pattern artwork of kois and water lilies.
- Photography props and backdrops not included.

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