Gold Butterfly Clutch Pin Back (Pack of 40)

Gold Butterfly Clutch Pin Back (Pack of 40)

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These gold butterfly clutch pin backs come in a pack of 40. These pin backs are good for those who enjoy displaying their pins or wear their pins on an article of clothing that does not get jostled a lot but prefer a metal clutch instead of a rubber pin back.

  • Gold butterfly clutch pin backs
  • Comes as a pack of 40
  • Used to hold your pins in place
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Made from gold plated brass
  • Packaged together in a small zip bag


NOTE: We are not responsible for the improper use of pin backs resulting in damage or loss of a pin. Butterfly clutch pin backs are not as good at securing your pins in place as locking pin backs. Please be aware that butterfly clutch pin backs may fail if used to secure a pin to a surface that experiences frequent jostling or rough handling.

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