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This beautiful floral moon sun catcher window decal or suncatcher sticker features my original illustration of a crescent moon made out of sparkles, stars and floral elements. This window decal is around 6" at its longest side. Apply this sticker to a window on a bright and sunny day and watch it paint your home with beautiful rainbow light. This decal can be removed without residue and can be reused and repositioned as well. It sticks best to clean glass surfaces.


- 6″ at its longest side.
- Clear prismatic rainbow decal.
- Place on an interior window that receives bright sunlight.
- Before use, clean the surface of your window and peel the decal away from its backing.
- Decal should remove without residue and can be reused or repositioned.
- The colors and intensity of rainbows depends on the light and position of your window.
- For indoor use only.
- Decal features my original artwork of a floral moon.
- Photography props and backdrops not included.


The effectiveness of this sun catcher decal (suncatcher sticker) depends on the amount of sunlight your window receives. For best results, use this decal on an east or west facing window. To enjoy your sun catcher decal for the longest time possible, it is recommended to use it on a clean window inside your home or office and not outside or in a car where heat and moisture may wear down your decal. When not affixed to a window, keep your decal on its original backing paper (the glossy side) or store it on a surface that is clear of dust or fibers as these will affect your decal's reusability.

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