Don't Touch My Trash Possum Acrylic Sign (Seconds)

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A seconds item one with defects or flaws that disqualify it from being a standard grade and is usually sold at a slight discount. Though these items may have some minor flaws, they are still 100% functional and displayable if you don't mind a few minor, surface defects here or there. The defects on these acrylic signs is often very minor, under normal usage, the flaws are often unnoticeable. Some of these signs only have a defect on one side. This listing is only for one unit of my Don't Touch My Trash Possum Acrylic Sign. Some of the defects of a seconds acrylic sign may include...

- Some noticeable scratches on the surface of the sign
- Pitting in the surface of the sign
- Some noticeable trapped lint or dust in the acrylic
- Larger, more noticeable scuffed areas on surface

Please note that all of these seconds sign have flaws, some are more noticeable than others and you will receive a randomly selected one from the stock. There are a limited number of seconds sign so it is first come, first serve. Seconds signs come with the same cord used for hanging the sign as the standard grade signs.


This adorable and funny Don't Touch My Trash Possum Acrylic Sign is double sided and features a cute but menacing possum atop his stash of garbage with a banner clearly stating that one should not touch his trash. This acrylic sign is perfect for dorms, lockers, bedrooms, craft rooms, offices, or anywhere you might keep your treasures but don't want anyone to mess with them. This sign measures 6" wide and 4.3" in height it has a depth of 0.25" and is double-sided featuring a similar design on both sides of our possum friend. The sign comes with a sturdy beige nylon cord that hangs the sign approximately 6" down.

NOTE: Due to the large area of acrylic on this sign, some scuffing may be visible under certain light that does not take away from the display or use of this item.


- Double-sided acrylic sign
- The Don't Touch My Trash Possum is based on my original illustration
- Features a beige nylon cord that hangs the sign approximately 6" down
- Acrylic sign measures 4.3"x6"
- Comes packed in a small bag
- Photography props and backdrops not included

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