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Bananas are the unit of scale for the internet, but have you ever had to show the scale of something but didn't have a banana handy? Or were all the bananas old and weird? Say no more, this Banana for Scale ruler is a fully functioning two-sided ruler that you can use to show the scale of anything, anywhere. Its straight edges also make it great for drawing straight lines. You can measure things with it too, if you really want.

Made from copper-plated metal, for that golden banana look, this banana for scale ruler features black dyed lines and is etched in 1/16 in imperial measurements on one edge and in metric on the other. The banana has 6 inches of measuring length and is 9 inches in total length. It also has a hole you can use to hang your banana ruler up when not in use.


- Made of copper-plated metal and enamel
- Features etched and black dyed lines
- Etched 1/16 markings
- Features 6" of measuring length
- Ruler is 1.5" thick and 9" in total length
- Has an imperial side and a metric side
- Features a hole to hang up your banana ruler
- Double-sided ruler, features markings on both sides

NOTE: This banana ruler is not scratch-resistant and may become scratched over time if it is stored or used in environments with sharp instruments. To keep your Banana for Scale pristine, I recommend storing it away from pencils, pens and other tools that may scratch your ruler. This ruler is not cork-backed and is not recommended as an edge for cutting.

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