Angry Nightjar Clear Vinyl Sticker

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This is adorable angry nightjar bird art clear vinyl sticker features my original artwork of a nightjar, also sometimes called the goatsucker, these birds have long wings, small bills and sometimes sport a very cranky look on their faces. My angry nightjar has decided to voice his discontent and disinterest in negotiations with a speech bubble that reads, "No speak to me, I angry!" Best heed his warning! This sticker is around 3.75" at its longest side, is made of a durable clear vinyl material and would look great stuck on a water bottle, binder, laptop or anything you can imagine placing a vinyl sticker. This original artwork vinyl sticker is soft-coated to make it scratch and weather resistant. It adheres best to clean, smooth surfaces and will remain stuck there for a good, long time.


- 3.75″ at its longest side.
- Soft-coated vinyl sticker.
- Weather-resistant and water-resistant.
- Sticker features original artwork of an angry nightjar.
- Photography props and backdrops not included.

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