Curly the Capybara Clear Vinyl Sticker Sheet

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This adorable Curly the Capybara clear vinyl sticker sheet features original illustrations of my original character, Curly the Capybara with an adorable spiral of hair sticking out of his head. Curly loves oranges, reading and summer activities. This sticker sheet is approximately 4x6" overall, each sticker varies in size and shape. All stickers on this sheet are made from a durable clear vinyl material that adheres best to clean, smooth surfaces and is perfect for use in a planner, journal, calendar or tracking board.


- 4x6″ overall sheet size.
- Over 40 individual stickers.
- Soft-coated matte clear vinyl sticker sheet.
- Water-resistant and humidity-resistant.
- Durable, permanent sticker.
- Sticker features my original artwork and character, Curly the Capybara.
- Photography props and backdrops not included.

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