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This Lines and Lists Stencil is a fully functioning two-sided ruler and stencil featuring some simple shapes to help make lists a lot easier to draw in your journals, planners, notebooks, notepads and more. This stencil also features some speech bubbles, flags, and cute faces. This stencil's straight edges also make it great for drawing straight lines and it features two measuring edges, one in imperial and the other in metric. This stencil is ruled on both sides. Made from copper-plated metal, ruler portions are etched in 1/16 in imperial measurements on one edge and in metric on the other. The ruler portion has 3.25in or 8.5cm of measuring length. The total dimensions of this stencil are 3.75" x 2.5", it fits great in most journals or planners.


- Made of copper-plated metal
- Etched 1/16 markings
- Features 3.25in or 8.5cm of measuring length
- Stencil measures 3.75" x 2.5" in total size.
- Double-sided and ruled in metric and imperial
- Features basic shapes to make list drawing easy
- Works best with pencils and pens that are 0.5 or thinner
- Works best with pens or mechanical pencils with needle point tips
- Will work with 0.7 pens and pencils, but results may vary
- Double-sided ruler, features markings on both sides

NOTE: This stencil is not scratch-resistant and may become scratched over time if it is stored or used in environments with sharp instruments. This stencil is not cork-backed and is not recommended as an edge for cutting.

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