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This beautiful starry cityscape vellum sticky notepad is perfect for writing and keeping notes to be applied to your notebook, textbook, journal and more. This sticky notepad has 100 sheets of semi-transparent vellum writing surface with my starry cityscape design on one side and a sticky and residue-free sticky surface on the other side. These sticky notes will adhere well to most clean, flat and smooth surfaces such as in your journals, notebooks, desks, metal surfaces, plastic, acrylic, glass and more. These will remove cleanly from most surfaces and can be reused a couple of times or as long as the sticky strip can adhere to a surface.

NOTE: The glue on these notes is a low tack glue, so it will not adhere well to textured or coated surfaces and is not meant for sticking to a vertical surface for long periods of time. If you wish to stick these notes to a vertical surface for a longer period of time, some tape may need to be used to reinforce the tack on these notes. When using gel or other wet inks on these notes, please allow a few seconds for the surface to completely dry.


- 100 sheets per sticky note pad.
- Has a printed, design side with a sticky surface on the other side
- Sized at 3"x3"
- These sticky notepad sheets use a low tack glue and will remove cleanly from most surfaces.
- Sticks best to clean, smooth surfaces such as glass.
- Works with pencil, colored pencil, felt tip, gel and ballpoint pens.
- The starry cityscape illustration is based on my original artwork.
- Comes in a clear packaging sleeve.
- Photography props and backdrops not included.

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