Blue Pansy Butterfly Wings Keychain Charm (Seconds)

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A seconds item is one with defects or flaws that disqualify it from being a standard grade. Some of the defects may include...

- Minor enamel underfill
- Minor defects to metal plating on the sides and back of the item
- Some noticeable pitting or scratches on enamel surface
- Some dust or lint in the enamel fill.
- Some areas of under plating for the anodized metal.

Please note that all of these seconds items have flaws, some are more noticeable than others and you will receive a randomly selected one from the stock. There are a limited number of seconds items so it is first come, first serve!


This beautiful blue pansy butterfly wings keychain charm is based on my blue pansy butterfly drawing and enamel pin. The wings of this keychain are double sided and come attached to a gold keyring with an Alum and Ink charm. This keychain is around 2.5" in total length, each wing is approximately 1.25" at its longest side. Both wing charms are double-sided and attached to the keyring using two small gold-plated rings. This chain features hard enamel and high-polish gold plated metal.


- Highly polished gold-plated metal.
- Two 1.25″ hard enamel butterfly wing charms
- Attached to a gold-plated key ring using two gold-plated rings.
- Measures 2.5" in total length.
- Features a blue, red, orange and beige color scheme.
- The blue pansy butterfly wing illustration is based on my original artwork.
- Stamped with "Alum & Ink" on both sides of the round charm.
- Comes mounted on a backing card and packed in a bag for protection.
- Photography props and backdrops not included.

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