Ranchu Goldfish Acrylic Charm

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This cute Ranchu Goldfish Acrylic Charm is double sided and features an adorable goldfish of the ranchu variety. Bred from lionhead goldfish, ranchus are popular among goldfish keepers worldwide. This acrylic charm measures 2.5" total with the keychain attachment included. This charm has a transparent base with an opaque double-sided art print of the ranch goldfish and is attached to a dyed red metal clasp that can be used to dangle this charm from your backpack, purse, bag, keys, and more. This charm is lightweight and is a cute accessory wherever you happen to be.


- Double-sided acrylic keychain charm
- The ranchu goldfish is based on my original illustration
- Comes with a red dyed metal keychain clasp.
- Measures 2.5" including keychain attachment.
- Comes packed in a small bag for protection.
- Photography props and backdrops not included.

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