Holiday 2021 Shipping Deadlines

It's that time of year again! Below are the Holiday shipping deadlines for 2021. This year, some new VAT regulations and record-breaking volumes of packages may impact your postal carrier's ability to deliver packages close to holiday time. Please plan your gift shopping accordingly! ❤️

Holiday Shopping 2021 Shipping Times

USA Deadline: December 7, 2021
Canada Deadline: November 16, 2021
European Union: November 16, 2021
United Kingdom (Etsy Shop Only): November 16, 2021
International (
All Others): November 8, 2021

A Couple of FAQs

Are you shipping to the UK?
Yes, but due to the new VAT rules for the UK, I'm only able to sell to the UK via my Etsy Shop. I can set up custom listings for almost everything in my shop here on Etsy though, so please reach out to me via email and let me know what you'd like me to set up.

Are you shipping to the EU?
Yes, I'm still able to ship to the EU and nothing has really changed except the amount of taxes you may have to pay. If you live in the EU and purchase via my website, you may have to pay customs handling fees and VAT when the parcel is delivered to you. If you purchase via my Etsy shop, the VAT is charged upfront, you may or may not still need to pay customs handling fees depending on the country you reside. My website shop is able to get your parcel out to you a bit faster than my Etsy shop (typical lag time is 1-2 weeks for my Etsy shop). This is because I have to use Etsy's label system if you buy from me there. I have more info about EU Shipping Here.

Are you shipping to AUS/NZ?
Yes, but your parcel will have to go through my shipping forwarder or via UPS if you select the International Priority label service*. My shipping forwarder is not very fast, and I'm looking at 6-8 weeks from the day I send out your parcel to the day you receive it. Unfortunately, I will have to use a shipping forwarder until USPS lifts their AUS and NZ service suspension. This situation does not affect any other international customers, only those who reside in Australia or New Zealand are affected.

*If you choose the International Priority Label Service, UPS will be able to get your parcel out to you within one to two weeks. If something is time sensitive and you absolutely must have it in hand within a short period of time, the International Priority Label is the way to go. Unfortunately, it is very expensive.

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