Donut Stuffed Toy Charm (Seconds)

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This is a listing for flawed or imperfect plushies. Some flaws are more obvious than others, but all of these plushies are still very lovable. Seconds Grades (B Grades) have been deemed less than "Standard Grade/A Grade" and may exhibit some of the following imperfections... 

  • Noticeable seam stitches.
  • Slight misalignment on key elements of the plush toy.
  • Minor missing details in embroidery of plush toy.
  • Uneven overall shape of plush toy.
  • Gaps in embroidered areas.

These seconds plush toys do not come with a keychain attachment.


This adorable donut with pink strawberry frosting and multi-colored sprinkles is an adorable 4" plush toy that's ready to be adopted. Each donut plush is made of a soft material and stuffed full of sweetness. This donut plushie features a fabric loop at the top. Due to some small parts, these donut plushies are not recommended for pets or children.


- 4" tall and 4" wide, excluding arms and legs
- Features a fabric ribbon loop at the top
- Polyester stuffing
- Soft fabric exterior
- Embroidered details
- Each plushie is handmade, some variations among individual plushies may occur
- Not recommended for children or pets

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