Planisphere Star Chart (Black and Gold) Enamel Pin (Seconds)

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This is a listing for flawed or imperfect enamel pins. The selection is dependent upon which designs have flawed units. Some flaws are more obvious than others, but all of these pins are still very wearable. Seconds Grades (B Grades) have been deemed less than "Standard Grade/A Grade" and may exhibit some of the following imperfections... 

  • Discoloration on enamel
  • Discoloration on metal
  • Dull or unpolished enamel or metal
  • Under-filled enamel
  • Enamel staining on metal
  • Large scratches on enamel
  • Inaccurate artwork
  • Small areas of missing enamel
  • One post on the back of pins that normally have two posts
  • Missing metal lines
  • Overfilled enamel covering metal lines
  • Lint and dust on soft enamel
  • Scratches and small gouges on soft enamel
  • Incorrectly filled color areas

For more information, including the differences between a Standard and a Seconds grade pin, check out my Pin Grading Scale.


This beautiful Planisphere Star Chart pin is a semi-functional planisphere with a large spinning piece on top and a fully detailed star chart on the bottom. Planispheres are used to help locate stars by aligning the time dial on the top piece of the planisphere with the date on the bottom piece. This allows you to get an approximate view of the sky depending upon the direction you're facing. This pin is hard enamel and has two pieces where the top plate fully rotates. This pin has a black color base, it is set on a highly polished gold-plated metal and measures 3" and has four posts on the back.

This planisphere pin is a semi-functional but decorative item with artistic interpretation. Please consult with a full-sized planisphere appropriate for your latitude for more accurate stargazing.

NOTE: This pin features four posts on the back for added stability due to the size, weight and balance of the artwork. Due to the large size and delicate features of this item, each unit will be wrapped in a small sheet of bubble wrap and shipped in a sturdy padded mailer. International shipping may be more expensive than other items due to the weight of this piece.

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