Crescent Moon Keychain Charm (Seconds)

Crescent Moon Keychain Charm (Seconds)

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A seconds keychain/charm is one with defects or flaws that disqualify it from being a standard grade. This listing is only for a seconds versions of a keychain. Some of the defects may include...

  • Discoloration on enamel
  • Discoloration on metal
  • Dull or unpolished enamel or metal
  • Under-filled enamel
  • Enamel staining on metal
  • Large scratches on enamel
  • Inaccurate artwork
  • Small areas of missing enamel
  • One post on the back of pins that normally have two posts
  • Missing metal lines
  • Overfilled enamel covering metal lines
  • Lint and dust on soft enamel
  • Scratches and small gouges on soft enamel
  • Incorrectly filled color areas

For more information, including the differences between a Standard and a Seconds grade pin, check out my Pin Grading Scale.


This cute crescent moon keychain charm features a beautiful double-sided crescent moon design, a small starry metal charm, and an acrylic orb dangler filled with multicolored acrylic gems. This keychain is approximately 1.25" for the main charm and is around 3" in length from the top of the keyring to the bottom of the orb dangler. The keychain is around 1.5" in diameter. This keychain keychain is made from hard enamel and is gold plated, the keyring is gold plated, and the charm is acrylic with mini acrylic gems inside.


- Highly polished gold-plated metal and acrylic.
- 1.5″ hard enamel charm, 0.5" starry charm piece and attached to a 1.5" keyring.
- Measures 3.0" in total length.
- This is a 3 piece double-sided keychain.
- Features white, gold and multi-colored acrylic mini gems.
- The crescent moon illustration is based on my original artwork.
- Stamped with "Alum & Ink" on the back of the 0.5" starry piece.
- Comes mounted on a backing card and packed in a box for protection.
- Photography props and backdrops not included.

NOTE: Due to the size, handmade nature and large surface area of this item, there may be some light imperfections such as surface scratches or scuffs on the metal or enamel from unit to unit. While the metal and hard enamel is pretty sturdy, keep in mind that normal wear and tear will occur during normal use. Please take care to avoid crushing the acrylic orb dangler as it may break under pressure or sudden impacts. It's also best to avoid stressing the keychain by not using it to hoist, hang or pull very heavy objects.

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