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This beautiful Moon Rise soft enamel phone grip will help you hold your phone more securely and can be used to wrap a cord around as well! This phone bracket or phone grip is made of a plastic grip body with a metal and soft enamel design plate. Please see the How to Use and Care instructions below for more information.


- 1.75″ round.
- Sits 1/2" high when adhered to surface.
- Uses a plastic air grip to hold the soft enamel and metal design plate.
- Choose between two types of grips (swappable or permanent).
- Swappable Air grip is adjustable to three heights.
- Adheres and forms a strong bond to most surfaces.
- Adhesive backing removes cleanly when rubbing alcohol is applied.
- Adhesive is very strong. Usage on a device case or magnetic base is highly recommended.
- Phone grip features original Moon Rise artwork by me.
- Photography props, device and backdrops not included.

There are two types of grips offered at the moment, Swappable or Permanent.

Swappable: These grips feature small tabs that allow you you swap out the phone grip's design. They also allow you to rotate the phone grip's design, and they have three levels of extension. These have more features but are not as durable as the permanent grips.

Permanent: These grips have two levels of extension and have a soft middle section that makes them more comfortable to hold. They do not rotate and you cannot swap out the design of the grip. These are more durable and comfortable to use but have fewer features.

 NOTE: The large surface area of soft enamel on these phone grips will result in some minor dust and specks of lint to be present on the surface of the grip. 



This is an air grip style phone grip featuring a soft enamel metal design plate on top. It adheres to your phone using a strong adhesive pad located on the back of the grip. Please install this grip only on a phone case or magnetic base. Due to the strength of the adhesive, it is strongly recommended that you do not adhere this phone grip directly onto your device. Please only use this item on a case, magnetic base, or other surface that is easily removable from your device.

To install this phone grip, peel back the protective sticker covering the adhesive pad and carefully place the grip, design side up, where you wish to install it. Place the grip, adhesive side down, on the location you wish to install it. Now apply some gentle pressure on the design of the grip to form a seal between the adhesive and the surface and you're done!

Gently tug on the air grip to extend your phone grip. To retract the phone grip, gently push down on the design side of the grip. Please see the Cleaning and Care instructions for this item to keep it looking nice and to prevent degradation of the adhesive, enamel or metal of the design. Over time, and with use, your phone grip may exhibit some scratches or scuffing. This is a normal occurrence. You can prevent scuffing and scratches to your grip by avoiding contact with sharp objects and rough surfaces.

To preserve the integrity of the materials for your phone grip and the adhesive, avoid leaving your phone grip in direct sunlight for more than hour. Please also take care to avoid allowing your phone grip to freeze, or sit in temperatures of over 100F for long periods of time. Never submerge your phone grip in liquid. This will damage the metal, enamel and adhesives.

Over time, the design side of your phone grip may show some wear as it comes in contact with surfaces and is utilized on a day-to-day basis. Most of the time, your phone grip can be cleaned, but make sure to remove the case your phone grip is installed on from your device before cleaning. If your metal phone grip has come in contact with water, simply wipe the water off as soon as possible. Otherwise, some gentle cleaning can help keep your phone grip looking good and fully functional.

1. Before cleaning your phone grip, remove the case or surface, with the phone grip on it, from your device.
2. Use a very small amount of soap and water on a towel or cloth.
3. Gently run the cloth or towel over your phone grip.
4. Immediately dry your phone grip with a soft, clean towel or cloth.

CLEANING NOTE: This phone grip is soft enamel and rainbow plated. Do not use a jewelry polishing cloth or polishing cream on this grip. Also, do not use a jewelry polishing machine or wash, it will damage the enamel.

If you wish to remove the phone grip, firmly grip the bottom of the grip and slowly peel it up. This may distort the shape of the grip, so please take care. Once peeled off, the adhesive pad may still remain on the surface of your case. To remove the rest of the adhesive, soak a pad or cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and slowly rub at the residue to lift the remaining adhesive off your case. You can re-use the phone grip if the base is still intact by purchasing a new adhesive pad that is a 1 1/4" circle.

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