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Types of Pin Backs

There a bunch of different back clutches to keep your enamel pins securely fastened. They’re all useful for a different reason and some are a little pricier than others because of materials that go into making them. The following are the different types of back clutches for your enamel pins.

Military or butterfly pin back or clutch
Military or Butterfly Clasp Clutch
One of the most commonly seen clutches for enamel pins. The butterfly clutch features two little pieces of metal on the clutch that you squeeze together to take the clutch off the spike or put the clutch onto the spike. These often come in a variety of metal colors, usually matching the base metal of the enamel pin.
Rubber PVC pin back or clutch
Rubber PVC Clutch
Another commonly seen clutch for enamel pins. Rubber PVC Clutches are easy to put on and take off of pin spikes and come in a huge variety of colors and new, cute shapes have started appearing on the market recently. PVC rubber clutches can even be made to match the enamel colors on a pin.
Flathead or locking pin back or clutch
Flathead Locking Clutch
These clutches are very useful for keeping your pin secure. They feature an internal locking mechanism that grips the spike of your pin. Flathead locking clutches are easy to put on a spike, and to take them off you just pull the back out a little to pull the clutch off.
Ball locking pin back or clutch
Ball Locking Clutch
Very similar in functionality and use to the Flathead Locking Clutch, the Ball Locking Clutch also features an internal locking mechanism to keep your pins safe and secure. These clutches are sometimes referred to as jewelry clutch because they tend to look a little fancier than their Flathead Clutch cousins.


Other types of pin backs that are possible include...

Safety Pin Clutch
These clutches are similar in appearance to the backings you might see on a button or safety pin. They’re very secure and, because of their design, help prevent your enamel pin from rotating during wear and use.

Magnet Clutch
Magnet clutches come in two pieces and can be affixed to a surface without putting a hole through it. These clutches are great for thinner surfaces and depending upon how the magnet is added, some pins can even be used as regular magnets.

Stem Style Lapel Pin Clutch
These are pin clutches that are long, thin needle-like stems that extend below a lapel pin. The stem ends in a point that is often capped with a metal cap or rubber cap.

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